Adegboyega Akingboye

Adegboyega Akingboye and the Voice of Angels is a Nigerian band, singing mainly in his Yoruban language, Gboyega writes and sings songs rooted in Nigerian gospel. Gboyega, though born in England and lives in Manchester, was raised in Ondo State. His first 2 albums "Mo Ti Ye Ge" and "Semilogo" were both recorded in Nigeria. Adegboyega Akingboye music has been in the making for some 10 years now and is summed by him when asked about his philosophy on life: Gboyega answers "Doing what you know how to do best with persistence, determination, concentration and having the hope that someday it will work out for the best." He cites the late Olubukola Olomola (Baba Ara) as an influence and role model for his work. The Voice of Angels band was brought together in 2006 and has performed in Canada, Italy, Nigeria and England. Adegboyega wants the impact of his music to be a positive message to his audience, a gospel message of hope

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