• Voice Over Artists?

    Could you be a voice over artist? If you would be interested to try out for voice overs for radio adverts and videos then get in touch.

    Affinity will be creating a new agency listing for voice over talent. There is no cost to be included in the roster .

    In the first instance we are looking for a few volunteers to test our agency web interface that gets you listed on the site. This will be ready in the next few days.

    Next we will be using a Soundcloud widget for voice samples. Other sound services that have provide a widget would also be possible to use. If you do not have any voice samples at the moment do not worry as our next stage is to give help and tips on how to get yourself set up with this.

    We have radio adverts in progress already for forthcoming R&B tours for our sister company Geestar and our studio also records soundtracks for commercial videos.

    We are looking for male and female voices Please get in touch via our contact page.